20 kontorsstädning Stockholm tips and tricks

  1. Keep a cupboard fully-stocked with all your office cleaning essentials
  2. Produce a chart with common kontorsstädning Stockholm tips to remind employees of your cleaning procedures
  3. Get into the habit of following a daily cleaning schedule
  4. Be organised – give every item in your office a home and keep it there
  5. Label your storage locations
  6. Don’t take the easy way out – remove items before cleaning rather than trying to clean around them
  7. Keep your desk free of clutter
  8. Try filing unused documents in order to save space
  9. Keep hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes handy – it’s always useful to mop-up spills quickly
  10. Wipe your keyboard and monitor with a soft microfibre cloth – especially if you eat snacks at your desk
  11. Use specialist screen cleaning spray to avoid causing any damage to your screen
  12. Don’t forget to clean your office phone
  13. Assign a day to clean out old items from the fridge
  14. Remind employees to write their name and best before date on any food they put in the fridge
  15. Make sure dishes are cleaned immediatedly after a meal
  16. Have a microwave? Make sure any mess is cleaned up straight away
  17. Hoover frequently – particularly in areas that people eat
  18. Remember to clean that strip of dust and dirt behind your furniture
  19. Don’t forget to clean marks and smudges from walls, mirrors and windows
  20. Try walking through your office as if you’re a client – see anything you wouldn’t want them to see?