Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks Storstädning Stockholm

Removing Hard Water Stains with Lemon. With little imagination, a piece of lemon can be so powerful. A super easy and natural way to get rid of the disgusting hard water stains in the bathroom.

Basic household cleaning is a necessary weekly chore. Bathroom cleaning is one of the most dreaded and painful household cleaning tasks, but it is a necessity and the one that needs cleaning utmost by storstädning Stockholm. For saving time and cleaning easier, you should know some cleaning tricks and hacks.

In today’s post, we have a roundup of some genius, easy and effective bathroom cleaning tips and tricks that you should know. Take time to browse through these collections and read on for some tips in efficiency in keeping your surfaces, walls, floor, shower and toilet sparkling clean. You will easily find how to clean the stubborn calcium off faucets, remove stubborn rust stains from the toilet using foam brush and acid magic or clean a bathtub drain in seconds using baking soda and vinegar in this post! Enjoy!

Homemade Toilet Bomb Fizzies. Using this homemade toilet fizzies to keep your toilet looking fresh and clean and eliminate smells in the bathroom. Get the recipe